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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Have You Seen the Rubber Ducky?

A big bright yellow rubber duck is bringing smiles and childhood memories to people everywhere.

When we were little tykes, a rubber duck turned bath time into playtime. With his bright yellow body and orange bill, he became a delightful toy for generations of kids.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman re-created this classic childhood symbol to bring smiles and pleasant memories to adults. Hofman’s goal of bringing people together is happening wherever the rubber ducky appears.

The first ducky displayed in Singapore was 56 feet tall. He has traveled to a number of European cities since 2007.

The duck made his United States debut in Pittsburgh in September. He has charmed residents and visitors who have flocked to Pittsburgh’s famous Point (Point State Park) where three rivers converge. Because of the city’s many bridges, the duck had to be smaller. He is four stories tall and three stories wide.
Pittsburgh is abuzz with people asking, “Have you seen the rubber duck?” I’ve never yet heard the question from anyone wearing a frown. The duck brings smiles – whether you’re seeing him or talking about him.

He attended a Pirates game and has made several visits away from his temporary home on the Point.

The duck creates joy and brings revenue into the city. That’s a winning combination.

Did I tell you I love the rubber ducky?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Conference - Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers

I've just traveled to Pittsburgh after attending two fall conferences.

The first conference, AGLOW (Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers) took place in Fond du Lac, WI.

Although I've never lived around the Great Lakes, this organization has given me the chance to learn what the northern states have to offer. Thus far, I've loved each destination, for different reasons.

The AGLOW conference is always a fun-filled event with more activities than I can keep up with. Fond du Lac rolled out the red carpet for us, thanks to Craig Molitor, Carrie Stollenwerk, Erin Lund and everyone else who helped. Our members are all outdoor writers and the Fond du Lac team worked hard to expose us to many different venues.

Event on Lake Winnebago
We explored Fond du Lac's outdoors - fishing, boating, hiking, birding and hunting. I even took a dog sled ride and spent a little time on the Ice Age Trail.

Ice Cream from Kelley's Country Creamery  
Conferences seminars included important subjects such as search engine optimization, ebooks, podcasting and dog training.

Thanks to our corporate sponsors, we learn about new products available to outdoor enthusiasts.
 Fond du Lac borders the southern shore of Lake Winnebago. Two of our major events took place in Lakeside Park where we enjoyed the fall temperatures, the camaraderie and the beautiful scenery.

Cattails at Horicon Marsh
I fell in love with Wisconsin the first time I visited Fond du Lac three years ago. I love the beautiful countryside, attractions such as Horicon Marsh, the good food and, most of all, the friendly people.

For me it will always be a warm weather destination but I know it's also home to many popular winter activities. When there's ice fishing up there, I want to hear about it from the beaches of South Padre Island.

Trying out a Mercury motor
Whatever your personal choice, it's a destination that offers many year-round attractions for outdoor and nature activities as well as family vacations.