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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Writing Life

2013 begins as busy as 2012 ended.

Reg Engine Press now has two titles as interactive iBooks: Windshift by Joyce Faulkner and my latest, Grand Slam Grooming Dogs Speak Out. What an exciting technology - adding video and all kinds of interactive elements to the text!

I'm presenting Emergence: The John Bax Story at the Valley Nature Center in Weslaco, Texas, this Saturday morning and at Quinta Mazatlan, the world birding center in McAllen, Texas, next Thursday evening.

I'll be at the Winter Texans Fiesta in Harlingen on January 21, Jackson Street Market Days in Harlingen on February 2, and at the Winter Outdoor Wildlife Expo in South Padre Island on February 9. Joyce Faulkner will join me at the Winter Texans Fiesta.

We're building excitement in South Padre Island as Paragraphs on Padre Blvd bookstore hosts a scavenger hunt leading up to its Mystery Weekend on January 26.

Attending the Paragraphs event - authors David Harry, Bob Doerr and Joyce Faulkner. I'm happy to be participating with these talented authors.

My next title is a book about famous dogs. I've loved working on it as my not-so-famous bichon, Luke, sleeps on my lap and holds up my computer. He thinks he's helping!

I've never been a morning person but there's nothing like waking up with an exciting day ahead of you.