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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mar's Surface Captured by the Curiosity

I had an uncle who swore man would never land on the moon. Just half a century later, NASA presents us with the first color photo from Mars. Wish you were here to see this, Uncle Joe!

The Curiosity on Mars - NASA photo

Many of you watched the landing of the Curiosity and have already seen its three cameras. The first photos were taken by the black and white cameras and now NASA has turned on the color cameras. What an awesome sight!

The nuclear-powered Curiosity will begin its exploration of Mar's surface to look for signs of past life, learn about the surface and atmosphere, and try to determine if the planet can sustain life.

Thanks to NASA for share this fascinating and marvelous venture with us.

Lots of wind but little rain

Last night as I attended a class at the Apple Store in the Kansas City area, the skies outside darkened and the wind blew, breaking branches and ripping leaves from trees but producing very little rain. The skies looked ominous but beautiful.

When we left the store, I grabbed my phone and took pictures of the western, northern and eastern skies. Contrast and color created an awesome beauty. I hope, somewhere, it inspired an artist to capture the scenes.

Western sky

Northern sky

Eastern sky