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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 31

A message from Amanda's family:

Thank you all for the prayers and kind words of support in this rough time. Amanda will be sorely missed by countless people worldwide. Things are coming together quite nicely to celebrate Amanda's life in spectacular form. Please check back tomorrow for a firm date, time, and location for the service.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 28

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Amanda passed from this earth into a pain-free world last night. The following is Kyle's announcement:

It is with a broken heart that I tell you that my beautiful girl Amanda passed away at 10:10 central time this evening. Beside her was her adoring husband Kyle, her mother Jeanie, her brother Matt, her sister-in-law Michelle and her devoted mother-in-law Audean.

May God bless and take care of Kyle and all of Amanda's family. Their pain is beyond measure. Thank you to everyone who opened your hearts and shared this incredibly sad, yet beautiful story of love, pain and courage. Kyle gave Amanda the kind of love and devotion that every person longs for.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kyle and Amanda's wedding photo!

Amanda Franklin May 26 Update 2

This is a very hard post and is best said in Kyle's own words.

Amanda had a really hard day. During dressing change this morning she started bleeding really bad and they had a hard time stopping it. Her body has gotten to the point that if you touch her or even look at her wrong she starts bleeding and her blood is not coagulating. Her wounds today looked more infected then the last three days and the antibiotics don't seem to be doing much. Her kidneys have almost completely shut down, her liver is starting to fail and she looks like she was still in a lot of pain. The doctors believe she wouldn't make it another two weeks in time for the EpiCels much less the procedure and I have to agree after seeing her wounds. So, I made the hardest decision of my life today and put her on Comfort Care. They have taken her off most everything with the exception of the ventilator, sedation meds and pain meds. They placed her in a more comfortable position and are doing everything to make her as comfortable as possible.

I believe at this point this is what she would want me to do. I also believe if she did pull through at this point she would kill me for it, a month ago I would have said otherwise. This is a decision I never in my life would have thought I would have to make nor ever wanted too. But, I don't want her to go through another four weeks of hell when we know it will do no good. We do not have a time table on things, most likely a day or two. I will continue to keep you all updated.

Know that she is not alone her mom, brother and his wife, my mother, myself and all of you in spirit are here with her. I feel Amanda will be very happy to see her dad, my dad and of course Jackson again. But the hardest thing is she's leaving us all behind, till another day.

Amanda my love, I love you with all my heart, soul and everything I am. Our life together here was supposed to be seventy years not seven, but I look forward to seeing you in my dreams every night my love.

Kyle and the family need all our prayers and support!


Amanda Franklin May 26 Update

Unfortunately there wasn't much change in Amanda's condition yesterday. Doctors did reduce the ventilator back to 30%. She's still fighting the infection and her wounds aren't healing.

Her body and spirit must be incredibly strong. Please continue to pray for her, Kyle and the family.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 24 Update

Amanda was resting better today. The infection is very bad and is starting to affect some of the autografts from a few weeks ago. Most of her donor sites are infected and are not healing. The ventilator is now at 40%. Doctors will continue the twice-daily bandage changes and try to kill the infection while they wait for the new EpiCels.

Her face and head are healing. Kyle reported today:

I don't I've said many times she has a long way to go and I know this first hand. I made the decision this morning to stay in for one of her dressing changes today. Her body is indescribable, she is basically burned on 95% of her body now. When she makes it through this I hope she's happy she did. We will see what tomorrow holds.......

Monday, May 23, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 23 Update 2

Today did not turn out well. Kyle reports that Amanda does have a very bad infection all over her body, in her blood stream and in her lungs. It's beginning to affect her organs although her lungs are still strong - the ventilator is only at 30%.

Only 1% of her EpiCels took. They've ordered another batch to start all over again.

Kyle wrote:

The doctors are starting to sound a little discouraged but I'm not going to let them give up on her that easily. They are doing twice a day dressing changes and say that her wounds look better then they did on Saturday... Back to waiting and praying for a miracle.

Amanda Franklin May 23 Update

Amanda did not have a good weekend. Apparently the infection is running rampant through her body, in her blood stream and in her lungs. The twice-a-day bandage changes are to help counteract the infection.

Most of the EpiCels have been destroyed and will need to be redone. Please continue to pray for her recovery and for strength for Kyle.

He wrote:

 It's sounding like we're back to square one. Not the greatest report for our seventh anniversary today. Amanda and I started dating at the Langley AFB airshow and had our first kiss under the flag pole at the jet park on May 22, 2004.

Kyle and Amanda's home is north of Joplin, Missouri. Kyle did find out that it was not damaged in yesterday's storm. Please also pray for the citizens of Joplin!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 22 Update

Amanda is holding her own since her surgery Friday. Her vitals have gone from very low to a more normal range. There are still signs of infection so the doctors are changing her bandages twice a day instead of once.

Although the donor sites on her scalp have healed, some of the others have not. About half of her back wounds are still covered with cadaver skin and they do show signs of infection.

The latest report on her EpiCels is not as bright as the last report. 50% took on her arms, 50% took on the upper part of her chest, only about 30% took on her sides, and less than 30% took on her legs. Doctors ordered a new batch to be grown - a process that takes 2-3 weeks.
Her facial doctor grafted some more skin from her scalp to her forehead. Kyle reported that her eyes are no longer sewn shut. He's waiting for more information from her doctors.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 20 Update

Amanda was better last night; her vitals improved, she was off the blood pressure meds and her temperature was down. Blood cultures showed that she does have a blood infection. An infection was found on the EpiCels on her thigh. The good news is that the skin grafts on her back were not as bad as first reported. Doctors think that 70-80% are taking and the rest will be redone.

Kyle reported that he asked the doctor if might be able to finish the grafts on her face. Kyle said, "I would really like it if they could finish her face and be done with it, so it's almost fully healed when she wakes up and is fully aware. And no one knows how long that could be, could be three months, could be six or longer...For as bad as her face was between the right side being smashed and all the burns, the doctors have done an amazing job."

She is scheduled for surgery this morning.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 19 Update

Unfortunately a bad day followed Amanda's good days. Doctors discovered infection in the wounds on her side - the EpiCels are looking good; it's her other wounds. They cleaned the infected area and changed all her bandages. There's also question whether or not the skin grafts are taking on her back.

Her vitals reflected the infection - the infection may be in her blood stream. Her heart rate was high, blood pressure low and she was running a fever. Doctors gave her more blood and put her back on blood pressure medication. She remains on dialysis and the ventilator.

On the good side, her face grafts and scalp donor sites are healing.
Please pray for both Amanda and Kyle. Amanda still has a long road ahead of her. I can't begin to imagine what Kyle is experiencing in worry, stress and frustration.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 18 Update

Yesterday was a good day for Amanda. Her vitals remained stable, she's still off the blood pressure medications and her EpiCels are looking good. Doctors plan to do a study of the effect of all her medications on her kidneys.

Kyle believes she heard him yesterday when he visited:

...I'm guessing even though she was sedated she must have heard me because her heart rate and blood pressure went up drastically when I started talking to her. She moved her head a little and I think tried to smile for me. After about five minutes her vitals went back to normal.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 17 Update

Amanda was taken off blood pressure medication last night but her heart rate is still high - around 138. She's heavily sedated to keep her from moving and potentially damaging the EpiCels.

Here's the latest report from Kyle:
Everyday the doctors cut open her bandages bed side to let the EpiCels air and dry out for an hour or two, then staple the bandages back together. This is becoming a very nerve racking week. They were changing her bandages every day for the last four weeks and now because of the EpiCels they can't move or change her bandages for 7-10 days. Meaning old bandages that are being open and closed daily and she's on her back side for that long which are perfect breeding grounds for infections. There's no way to look at her back side without taking a chance of damaging the EpiCels. This is like a double edged sword. Hope both do well, no infections and full take on the EpiCels!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 16 Update

The last two days have been good ones for Amanda. Her vitals have stabilized and she's been off of dialysis for a short time. Her wounds are looking good.

Kyle attended a fundraiser in Neosho, MO this weekend - more than $20,000 was raised to help defray medical expenses.

I hope the news continues to be good.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 14 Update

Amanda's surgery yesterday went well. Although there were no complications, she lost almost 2 gallons of blood and used between 40 and 50 blood products in surgery to replace it. Keeping her blood pressure up was a challenge but the doctors did get it stabilized. She's on the ventilator at 30%, she's still on the CRRT (kidney) machine and is still heavily sedated. For the next few days the doctors will be checking her wounds to see how they are healing. Kyle was told on average about 60% of the EpiCels take and they would have to go back and lay some more later. It should only take about 2 weeks to grow another batch.

Kyle mentioned a 20/20 show that I didn't see. Here are his comments:

I asume most of you saw the 20/20 show tonight and now have a little more understanding of what Amanda is and will be going through. It's hard to believe that our fire was mainly smoke oil and yet how badly Amanda is burned. But I feel it was a lot of other little things that made the fire so much worse. The 25-30 mph wind, a hole was punctured in the firewall creating a suction to Amanda, just a lot of little things. For her to have her fingers burned to the point that the bone was killed proves how hot it got in that short amount of time and to top it all off we still have not found what caused the engine to quit. One small problem was found in the fuel servo but all the experts agree that it would not have caused the engine to quit.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 13 Update

Amanda's surgery using her epicells was today. So far I've only heard that everything went well. I'll let you know more when I find out.

Overall, it's been a good week for her - no more crises. Please keep praying.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 9 Update

Amanda continues the ups and downs. The last report included another bleeding incident, swelling and her vitals fluctuating. Overall, her condition remains the same.

Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 8 Update

Amanda is better today after a rough couple of days. Friday night she started bleeding on her right thigh and doctors had to take off the bandages and cauterize the wound. She took four units of blood then. Her vitals were low. Doctors have put her on dialysis - a fact which worried Kyle.

She was better Saturday and her vitals were back up. Doctors explained to Kyle that Amanda's kidneys were a little worse and hurting - so the dialysis should help her without major side effects. No surgery yesterday but she did take six units of blood and plasma.

The epicells are due this coming Friday.

Please continue to pray for Amanda and the family - maybe a special prayer today on Mothers Day for Amanda's and Kyle's mothers!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 5 Update

No news is good news with Amanda's recovery. She has had no new problems the last couple of days. The doctors are still changing her bandages each day while they wait for her epicells.

So many people are praying for her and Kyle. I'm sure all the prayers and concern continue to be a great help to the family.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Amanda Franklin May 2 Update

Sorry I haven't updated for a couple of days. I've been on the road.

Friday night Amanda had a fever, her breathing was fast and shallow and her blood sugar was erratic - reaching as high as 347. She was restless and had a long night. The good news is her wounds were still clean.

They changed her bandages again yesterday. She spent half an hour on the tilt table. Her breathing has stabilized and her organs are functioning. She did have bleeding on her right leg and back last evening but the doctors were able to get it under control.

All the issues that arise are keeping Amanda worn out. Needless to say, Kyle and family members are exhausted and they need all our prayers.