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Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Guthrie Theater, an architectural delight

The Guthrie Theater

Sometimes plans gone awry can produce a stroke of good fortune. We planned to start our first day in Minneapolis with a visit to the Mill City Museum. We drove downtown and located the museum only to discover that it was closed on Mondays. 

View from the 4th floor
We wandered around until nature’s call demanded we find facilities. A kind soul told us the Guthrie Theater, just across the street, had restrooms on the fourth floor.

Our helpful concierge
View when you enter the Endless Bridge
When looking at a visitor’s guide, we had talked about the theater but did not include it on our itinerary, thinking we didn’t have time to attend a performance. However, our chance visit turned into an awesome couple of hours exploring the architectural uniqueness of the building.

We wandered around the fourth floor, amazed at all the windows facing the downtown. Several comfortable chairs sat in strategic locations at each window. The concierge urged us to explore the Endless Bridge, a 178-foot-long cantilever structure that juts out facing the Mississippi River. We walked up the bridge and out onto the deck for a great view of downtown Minneapolis.

Stone Arch Bridge from Endless
Bridge deck
View from the 9th floor Amber Room

He then told us to visit the Amber Room on the ninth floor for a different viewing of the same scene. That room casts a warm-honey glow over the downtown and offers a birds-eye view of the nearby landmark Gold Medal Flour sign.

Gold Medal Flour
Standing on the ninth floor looking at the Stone Arch Bridge, we could hardly wait to get back to the first floor and check it out. I'll share more on that next time.

We loved staying at the Residence Inn in Roseville because of its proximity to both Minneapolis and St Paul. We found it great to explore the cities during the day and return to Roseville to enjoy its many restaurants in the evenings.

Disclosure: Visit Roseville MN (https://www.visitroseville.comhosted our visit to the Twin Cities, however, all opinions expressed in this article are my own.


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