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Monday, September 11, 2017

"And That's the Way It Was," Walter Cronkite

I walked into the Walter Cronkite Memorial in St Joseph, MO, totally unprepared for the nostalgia that awaited. If you're old enough to remember Walter Cronkite reporting the nightly news, it's a dream trip down memory lane. If you're too young to remember him, it's a great American history lesson.

Moon landing sculpture
from 2nd floor
From the John Kennedy assassination and the Civil Rights Movement to the Vietnam War and the moon landing, America was there with Cronkite. His voice was probably the most recognizable in America and throughout the world for many years.

"Of all of humankind's achievements in the twentieth century ... the one event that will dominate the history books a half a millennium from now will be our escape from our earthly environment and landing on the moon ... The first landing on the moon was, indeed, the most extraordinary story of our time."

This quote, from his autobiography, A Reporter's Life, is on a wall in the museum near the sculpture honoring the historic landing.

Once you've walked through the years with Walter, visitors can go upstairs and have a photo taken at a re-creation of his reporter's desk.

If you visit St Joseph, put this one on your bucket list. Everyone deserves a blast from a past when the world counted on Walter Cronkite to report the news accurately and timely.

The memorial is located on the Northwestern Missouri State University campus.

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