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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Put Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City on your 2018 Calendar!

Time Travel poster

Today, on National Roller Coaster Day, Silver Dollar City raised the bar a few notches with the announcement of its newest ride. Time Traveler, a revolutionary new concept in roller coasters, will open in 2018. Billed as the world's fastest, steepest and tallest spinning roller coaster, ti comes to the United States from German manufacturer, Mack Rides. Specially designed for the beautiful Ozark Mountain terrain, the track will cross itself 14 times in the nearly 2-minute long ride.

Check out these facts:
The Load Station

1. Fastest - with a top speed of 50.3 miles per hour.
2. Steepest - 10-story, 90-degree vertical drop ... straight down.
3. Tallest - 100 feet at its tallest point.
4. First & Only with Three Inversions - Dive Loop, Vertical Loop and Zero-G Roll
5. First & Only with a Vertical Loop - 95-foot tall loop
6. First & Only Double Launch - 0-47 mph in 3 seconds; 30-45mph in 35 seconds

It's going to be a fantastic ride and for those who love the rides, you're in for a huge thrill. The spinning is a game-changer for roller coasters.

Construction in progress
I love the concept of combining an attraction that celebrates the past (which Silver Dollar City does so well) with the innovation of the future. In announcing the new ride today, the park told the story of a young scientist, inventor and clockmaker who lives in Silver Dollar City, with his wife, Anna, and their only daughter, nine-year-old Emmaline. Charles, a dreamer, is enthralled with Jules Verne's creative genius. Charles teaches Emmaline that it's wonderful to dream, but it's not enough. You have to do something about it. Their mantra becomes "Dream Big. Do Good."

Charles invents Time Traveler and next year will invite people to take a tour. So get your ticket or season passes, and plan for the future and the past at Silver Dollar City.

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  1. This time traveler looks amazing.I am amused to see this commendable invention.I really want to experience this incredible thing.Hats off to the maker.