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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Public Art attracts the eye and creates memories

Ft Smith, AR
Ft Smith, AR

Every day I fall more in love with public art. Whether it's a magnificent sculpture, a building-sized mural or a small piece of creative graffiti, it adds to the charm that attracts visitors. Maybe I'm more susceptible than many, but I remember the art before I remember the shopping.

This summer has filled my memory with an array of creative energy.

Salina, KS
I love "The Unexpected" public art project in Ft. Smith, AR. Although I haven't yet seen this year's new murals, I'm still infatuated with the ones from last year. It's always difficult to pick a favorite but I have to say it's the animals and human figures that brought my itchy fingers to my iPhone and camera.

Lindsborg, KS

In late June we visited Lindsborg and Salina, KS on our way to Colorado. Of course, I fell for the Dali horses residing along the streets of Lindsborg. We spent the night in Salina and I enjoyed several works of art there.

Colorado Springs, CO

Downtown Colorado Springs is loaded with sculptures depicting their history. What a great way to show the unique history of the city.
Kansas City, KS

In July, I visited Kansas City, KS and loved the downtown murals there. The ones I photographed are large murals covering the sides of buildings. Again, I loved them.

Kaw Point, KCKS

At the scenic Kaw Point, a statue of Lewis and Clark points toward the Kansas City, Missouri skyline.

Branson, MO

Galena, KS
In Branson, the fountains at Branson Landing are certainly works of art. Put a great sky behind them and it's beautiful.

In Galena, Kansas, a beautiful mural celebrates their Route 66 history.

In September, I will attend a conference in St. Joseph, MO, and then head north to explore Roseville and the Minneapolis-St Paul area. You know I'll be looking for the public art displays!

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