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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Lindsborg, Kansas, a town full of charm, history, art and a herd of Dala horses

If you're looking for a herd of horses - only not the wild variety - you'll fall in love with Lindsborg, Kansas.

Known as Little Sweden, this enchanting town just 23 miles south of I-70 (at Salina, KS) has plenty of charm to offer visitors. They've captured ownership to one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas Customs with their herd of Wild Dala Horses that you'll find throughout town.

We discovered that a "Dala" horse refers to a style of wooden horse first designed in Sweden in the 17th century. Designed and first built in Dalarna, in central Sweden, today they are considered an authentic symbol of the country.

The horses that line the Lindsborg streets celebrate artistic creativity, the town's history and its Swedish heritage. We loved walking through the town, looking for, and admiring, each horse. We also visited several shops and decided to hang out for a while at a local coffee shop. We shared coffee, iced tea and pastries and a few friendly chats with the locals and other visitors.

Lindsborg loves the arts. In addition to the horses that live on the streets, the town is home to the longest-running continual performance of Handel's Messiah and Broadway RFD is the longest running outdoor theater in the state. Local schools are recognized for their outstanding music programs. The town boasts sixty working artists and nine public working studios and galleries.

We saw some beautiful old homes.

 Since we discovered Lindsborg on our way to Colorado, we didn't have time to do the Dala factory or the historic tour, but we definitely plan to return. I think we only touched the surface. We want to return, explore the town and meet some of the folks that call it home.

Yes, Lindsborg cast its charm on us!


  1. You have peaked my interest. Now I have another item for MY bucket list.

  2. Public arts makes the surrounding look prettier. It makes the environment calming. All these arts were eye catching. The picture are wonderful. The article was valuable. Thank you for sharing.