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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Colorado Springs, a vibrant destination

Old Courthouse

Colorado Springs – then and now. Eons ago (so it seems), I lived in the city and attended St. Mary’s High School, which stood next to St. Mary’s Church. Today the church still stands tall against the skyline, but the two-story building that was my school is now an expanded parking lot for the church.

Prickly pear
The Pioneer Museum and the public library across the street are still operational, but much of the downtown is totally new to me. I find that exciting. Walking the streets, I am inundated with memories, and with a genuine fascination for what cities can offer. The old department stores of my youth – Kaufmann’s, Hibbard’s, the Grey Rose and Lorig’s – are gone, but in their place, the buildings house restaurants, bars, shops and galleries. I spent a morning taking photos of a few of the public art projects that line the streets. I was not alone. A number of people of all ages took photos and selfies. I wondered how many shots of downtown Colorado Springs hit social media sites in those few hours.

I love the old courthouse that graces the newer buildings around it. I am forever fascinated with the unique designs that architects create. With the Rockies as a backdrop, it must be a challenge to design something that enhances the natural beauty of the area and yet stands on its own.

Just twenty or so blocks to the west, the old Colorado City has kept the flavor of yesteryear. It also features many food and drink establishments, galleries and shops, but unlike the modernization of downtown, this area boasts of its history.

I enjoy them both. When you visit Colorado Springs, take time to walk both areas and experience the new and the old. Both offer visitors plenty of charm and choices.

Add in the climate and the mountains, and life doesn’t get much better!

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