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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

He Promised Me Africa - Part 11 - Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania

Ngorogoro Crater, 1999, Tanzania, Africa. This mountain blew its top a long, long time ago. The first three pix are at a rest stop as we climbed the mountain on the most atrocious road ever...winding, narrow, rocky...filled with holes. We hit a big bump and one of the taller women in our van was thrown up from her seat and banged her head on the roof. This same woman had already hit her head a couple of times getting in the the van so she was done with Africa after this day. She wasn't enthusiastic to begin with so she refused to go on any of the game runs after that. Too bad.

Ngororgoro Crater was fabulous. It contained just about every species in Africa except giraffes. Apparently, the slopes were too steep for our long-necked friends. In our two days there we saw the Big Five -- lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, and leopard...although, you could have fooled me about the leopard. They said it was so and everyone bought Big Five TShirts but I guess it was so.
Our hotel was on the rim of the crater and we could look out over it from our porch. This was the first place we could hear animals roaming outside our rooms. By this time, I was seriously looking for snakes...but as you know, no snakes ever made an appearance for me. However, hyenas were very were elephants and lions...hard to miss their night time coughing roars.

We had seen the Masai village and we had been traveling all day...I was hot and tired and very I go into the bathroom to take a shower and the water was dark brown...yuck...time for baby wipes.

The next morning, this beauty (see last pic) was nesting on our roof.😊 We enjoyed him/her for a while until we remembered all the sounds we'd heard throughout the we hustled up the path to breakfast in the main pavilion.

Breakfast was almost always a spread of fruits, bangers, scrambled eggs, and cold baked beans. Remembering the dirty water in the shower, I was suspicious of the coffee ... but they assured me that shower water and drinking water were different. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am exceedingly picky about my coffee...and I just couldn't get past the shower water I stuck with bottled water...even though Johnny pointed out that I didn't know where that came from either.

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