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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Artists at Work

"When we go to Mt. Vernon, you've got to see the horse at the museum," my friend Cathy said. "It's made from chrome bumpers and you'll love it!"

Cathy was right. We recently visited the Cedarhurst Center for the Arts in Mt Vernon, IL. The chrome horse graces the front lawn of the museum entrance and it is a work of striking eye appeal. If you visit the museum, don't just look from afar. Check this horse out up close. The artist's imagination is amazing.

Although I was immediately hooked by the horse sculpture, I found plenty to ooh-and-aah about both on the grounds and inside the museum. The museum sits on a 90-acre campus that currently is home to the 73 sculptures of the Goldman-Kuentz Sculpture Park. Take the time to stroll the grounds and you're sure to find pieces that delight you.
Made from miscellaneous
found objects

Inside, Cedarhurst is known for its late 19th and early 20th century American paintings. In addition to the main gallery and the Beck Family Center Gallery, other galleries celebrate the arts. I'm not sure what it says about my maturity but I have to admit I loved the family gallery with all the animal sculptures. Guess I'll always be a kid at heart.

Founded by the John R. and Eleanor R. Mitchell Foundation, the museum supports the arts in Mt Vernon and southern Illinois. Each year, the museum also hosts a major Art & Craft Fair the weekend after Labor Day.
Gorilla from chrome bumper
by John Kearney

Praying Mantis created from
welded steel

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