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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

There's joy in going home

L to R: Jace, Margarita & Key

There's something special about a sea turtle release - a sense of freedom and a feeling that a turtle is where he's supposed to be.

Boarding the boat
We recently boarded a boat with three rescued and rehabbed green sea turtles that had been found in the jetties of South Padre Island. After spending one-to-four months at Sea Turtle Inc, receiving the care they needed, they were ready to return to their home.

Jace, Margarita and Key all had injuries or medical conditions that required care. But on this evening, they would re-enter their natural habitat. I was lucky enough to have a seat next to the tank where they swam around in circles, occasionally nipping at each other.

When the time came to release them, each turtle swam away in total abandon. It thrilled each and every one of us well-wishers. As I said, there's something special about a sea turtle release. You could almost feel their sense of coming home.

Sea Turtle Inc rescues injured sea turtles and gathers eggs laid on the shores of the island. I have also watched hatchling releases and that is also a joyous adventure. If you visit South Padre Island, be sure to stop at Sea Turtle Inc and check out the good work they do. Many sea turtles are endangered and organizations like Sea Turtle Inc are turning the tide for them.

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