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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Learning something new

Jackman's Fabric Store

Life presents plenty of opportunities to explore new ideas and stretch your thinking.

Design Cathy bought. She'll
take the idea and make
something unique.
My friend, Cathy, lives near St Louis and on a recent visit, she introduced me to Jackman's Fabric Store. A quilter's delight, to be sure! I attended a quilting meeting with her and found myself in the midst of a group of creative, passionate women who know their craft and are ready to learn new ideas.

Since I have problems threading a needle, it's probably best that I mention I was way out of my comfort zone. Since I met Cathy, I've admired her innovative designs and enthusiasm for all things creative.

Made by a quilt guild member
After the meeting we wandered the store, and like many of the women there, she found several new designs and fabrics that captured her attention. Back at her home, she diligently tried to show me the intricacies of designing wall hangings. Did I mention I'm a slow learner? I loved watching her work, but left to my own devices, I know I'd be lost.

That evening we attended a quilting guild meeting and I was once again in the midst of women passionate about designing and quilting.

I thought about all the creative women I call friends. Whether in painting, quilting, taxidermy, photography, writing (from books to magazine articles and blogs), or other endeavors, they all share an amazing energy that brightens our world.

My photo printed on fabric and stretched
on canvas frame

My photo printed on fabric and appliqued
on fabric.

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