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Monday, May 22, 2017

Beautiful churches represent human faith and dreams

I love to photograph churches, courthouses and old buildings when I travel. This last weekend, we attended a graduation at St. Louis University. After many "You've got to visit the church on campus" comments, I arrived at the church just as a wedding was ending.

Waiting for the wedding photography session to end, I sat down and marveled at the architectural beauty. Architects have quite a challenge designing buildings that represent and inspire a congregation's faith in God. In the case of St. Francis Xavier's Church, the designer(s) most likely exceeded the congregations' dreams.

The church is magnificent and yet lends itself to a spiritual experience. As I waited, I reflected on the human desire to express our beliefs and dreams through architectural wonders. I've always appreciated the creative imaginings of artists and architects take art to an impressive level.

If you travel to St. Louis, take the time to visit this church.

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