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Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Little Round House

Every town has its photo ops. This photogenic little round house in Louisburg, Kansas, was once a addition to the porch of a Victorian home in Paola, Kansas (just a few miles to the west).

In the 1930s, increased traffic in Louisburg necessitated an inspection station and the little house was moved to Louisburg to serve as a checkpoint office.

Over the ensuing years, it held several small businesses and during World War II, it served as temporary housing.

In 2005, the little round house was moved to the Louisburg City Lake, south of town on Metcalf. It has since been restored and is a part of Ron Weers Park, which features walking trails, a playground and a scenic view of the lake.

Even in winter, it is worth the drive to take a picture. Louisburg is about 20 minutes south of the Kansas City area. Metcalf runs through Overland Park. It is also accessible by taking Hwy 69 to the Louisburg exit and going east through town to Metcalf, then turning south.


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