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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Artego's Pizza in Westport

Taco pizza

I know that the Westport (KC) area is home to many awesome restaurants. Artego's was one of those unintentional finds that quickly became a favorite place.

The day after Thanksgiving our family - and many, many others - planned to have lunch at Q39 at 1000 W 39th St in Kansas City. When we discovered a minimum two-hour wait, we looked around for other alternatives. The Plaza had our name written all over it for an afternoon of shopping, the art museum, and Christmas lights.

Artego's at 900 W 39th Street
in Kansas City
Almost next door to Q39, we found Artego's Pizza. No one in our group had ever eaten there, but since we were already parked, we decided to give it a try.

What a find! We all agreed it was definitely one of the top pizzas we had ever tried. What pizza are we talking about? The 39th Street! Wonderful sausage and other toppings - all fresh and tasty. We also ordered the taco pizza, which we all liked, but not with the same level of love we had for the 39th Street.

Several in our group ordered sandwiches or calzones and all raved about their choices. As we waited I watched the busy waitstaff carry out many delicious-looking menu items to other customers. The decor is delightful and I love the artwork.

I plan to try some other pizzas when I visit again - which I definitely intend to do.

They say location is everything. Artego's has a great location to get recognition in Kansas City.

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