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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Standing Brave, the Indian chief

Boy I goofed! This morning on Instagram, I posted this photo of the Indian statue from Big Cabin, Oklahoma. I reported it was probably 20-30 feet tall. Well, research helps.

Standing Brave, the Indian chief, is actually 46 feet tall plus he stands on a 5-foot pedestal, making him 51 feet tall.

In 2000, Wade Leslie built the statue, first designing a model, then building the frame with 1800 feet of steel pipe and rebar before covering it with foam and carving it. After all the features were carved, he fiber-glassed and painted it. The project took him over 800 hours to complete.

Then a 15-foot underground footing took 100 yards of steel-reinforced concrete. Today, in the middle of the Cherokee Nation, Standing Brave greets travelers along Hwy 69 across from the turnpike gate. It's a fitting tribute to the Cherokee and a must-see for those driving through Oklahoma.

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