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Friday, July 15, 2016

Traveling with my camera

Washington State coast

Missouri sunset
I fall victim to three subjects when I have my camera in hand. Trees, flowers and barns. I chase these photo ops. Tell me where there’s a special tree, a field of flowers or a round barn and I’m hooked.

There are so many species of trees – and so much individuality within each – that I never tire of them. Whether it’s the tall evergreens on the Washington and Oregon coast, redbuds in the Midwest, flowering trees or bare limbs, I love them.

Mingo State Park, PA

Bluebonnet in Texas
I took the picture of the Mingo State Park tree in the pouring rain. With branches spread wide, it lit up the dreary day.

Flowers call my name too. I can see a thousand daisies, pass fields of bluebonnets or look at a garden and I’m fascinated anew each time. It’s the beauty of the natural world that calls me. It matters not if the flower or tree is perfect, or if the bugs and weather have nearly destroyed it. I want to photograph it.

Prickly pear in Texas

Missouri flowers

I've fallen in love with the prickly pear cacti since our first visit to Texas. A nondescript plant throughout the year but when it blooms, it is stunning.

The tiger lilies (or day lilies - I hear them called both) bloom through much of our country. If you photograph them in the morning, at noon and in the early evening, each shot will be different.

Barn in Amana Colonies

Barns. Well, that’s another thing. Manmade, but they each have a distinct character. I wonder about the people who designed them. Did the farmer try to build a better barn or go with the status quo?
Round barn in Pennsylvania

I hadn’t seen a round barn until recently. Hundreds were built in the 1800s and the early 1900s. Where have they all gone? Many have been torn down. Were they not successful? If you pass a round barn, stop and take a photo. There aren’t that many left. Most of the Midwestern states have one or more round barns still standing. The old wooden barns are fast disappearing too – collapsing in many cases.
Katy Trail in Missouri

Iowa round barn
I’ve enjoyed plenty of photo ops in Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. In each of these states, I’ve found an abundance of my three favorite subjects. I know – I have a lot more states to visit and many more scenes to capture.

Whether it's my DSLR camera or my iPhone, I'll have a grand adventure!

Pennsylvania trees


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