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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Are there really ghosts at the Battlefield B&B?

Barn at Battlefield B&B

Ghost stories abound in historic buildings - especially around battle sites. Are there lost souls who can't find their way home? Or is it simply our overactive imaginations?

There's much we don't know and many things that cannot be explained. We recently stayed at the Battlefield B&B in Gettysburg. Our room was in the old barn that served as a hospital during the Civil War.

When we arrived, the owner, Florence, told us that the barn is haunted and that the TV show, Ghost Hunters, had aired a segment on it. We laughed and told her we weren't concerned - and we weren't.

The second night we stayed, at midnight Luke the Author Dog woke us from a sound sleep just as a door slammed shut above us. We listened as footsteps moved across the floor directly over our bed. Then except for Luke's barking, silence filled the barn.

After a couple of minutes, he quieted and we listened. We heard nothing more. We decided someone had come into the barn and went back to sleep.

However, the next day we were told that no one opened the door and entered the barn during the night.

Surely there's an obvious explanation - or is there?

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