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Monday, June 13, 2016

Pennsylvania and a camera - a marriage made in Heaven


Since I first visited Pennsylvania, I've collected thousands of pictures of scenery, places, historical sites and cities that captured my imagination. I've experienced three seasons - spring, summer and fall. Each has its own beauty. I know I've only touched the surface of what the state has to offer, but here's a sampling of my current visit.

Neff Barn
I've fallen in love with round barns and will be planning future road trips around the possibility of finding more.

The first I found was near Gettysburg, built by a Shaker family in the early 1900s. Today it is a fruit market and shopping destination.

Butler County
The second, the Neff Barn, is a few miles outside State College on Hwy 45. You can see it from the highway but it is on private property. Fortunately, it's possible to pull off the road long enough to snap a photo or two.

We searched for one near Altoona, but even with the coordinates, we were unable to locate it.
Mingo State Park

Sachs Bridge

I've found two covered bridges - one in Mingo Park near Pittsburgh and the Sachs Bridge at Gettysburg. The latter is historically significant as it is the bridge through which the Confederate Army retreated after the battle.
McConnells Mill State Park

Pennsylvania has an abundance of beautiful forests. With the many different species, the varied colors create great photo ops.

One of my favorite tree photos was taken in the fall in the pouring rain at Mingo State Park.

Mingo State Park

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