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Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Battlefield Bed and Breakfast at Gettysburg

Joyce Faulkner shares her comments about the Battlefield B&B. If you visit Gettysburg, this is a great place. Thanks, Joyce, for painting a picture of a delightful vacation stay.


The Battlefield Bed and Breakfast in Gettysburg is more than a place
to take a shower and sleep off a long day of sight seeing. It’s a
portal to a style of living long gone for most of us. Living on a farm
situated on South Cavalry field in July 1863, the Houghtelin family
watched thousands of their fellow Americans come together in a frenzy
of violence, each side hoping that their view of civilization would

What the Houghtelins saw has been preserved and honored in the modern version of their home. Visitors can learn about the past while
comfortably ensconced in one of the rooms or suites that make up this
Sunrise off the deck

Every morning before a lovely traditional breakfast, historians
recapture what it was like for real folks when hell came to visit. The
grounds are well-groomed and beautiful -- perfect for meditation or
reading. The coffee is rich and ever present whether you are an
Maggie Abbott presentation
about Civil War fashio
early-rising jogger or a slower-moving history buff reclining on the
wrap-around deck. Plates of fresh cookies and pitchers of lemonade
fuel long walks and power naps.

Florence and her staff see to your comfort and safety while providing
you with the materials for a fun and relaxing educational vacation.

B&B grounds

Contact her at or at for reservations.

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