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Sunday, May 1, 2016

A week in Iowa

John Wayne's Birthplace
Winterset Courthouse
I've spent much of my life in Missouri and have to admit I know next to nothing about our neighbor to the north. I'm spending the week in Iowa to discover its natural beauty, learn about its history and people and admire its scenery and architecture.

I suppose I'm like many people when my knowledge of the state comes from a movie. The Music Man was one of my mother's favorites and I watched it with her more times than I can count. I never even knew if River City was real or fictional.

St Charles Bridge
I drove in the rain all the way from Kansas City to Pella, Iowa, and arrived with temperatures in the 40s - too cold for the last day of April. However, I had an awesome day, found some of Madison County's covered bridges, visited the John Wayne Museum in his hometown of Winterset, and arrived in Pella where the poor tulips need coats to survive until the Tulip Festival this weekend.

Holliwell Bridge
The countryside is beautiful in the spring and was washed clean by the rain, resulting in intense greens in the fields and the trees. I found three covered bridges - the St. Charles Bridge, Holliwell Bridge and Cedar Bridge - each unique. The Cedar Bridge was the only one I could drive through.

By the time I arrived in Pella, the rain had stopped and my Around Me app said 43. After a bowl of soup and a sandwich at Applebee's, I'm tucked in a warm hotel room. The tulips and I are hoping for a warmer tomorrow.

Cedar Bridge

Inside Cedar Bridge

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