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Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Day Exploring in the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

The Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge covers more than 90,000 acres along the banks of the lower Rio Grande River. If you drive out of Brownsville on Hwy 4, headed to Boca Chica Beach, you drive through parts of it.
I like to explore the side roads that go through the refuge. If you like to have the landscape to yourself, it's the ideal place. I hardly ever see another soul.
Today, the sun was shining and the flowers blooming. My goal was to capture some Prickly Pear shots and see some Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. Luck rode with me and I did both.
The cacti are just starting to bloom in the refuge - in another week, they should be gorgeous but unfortunately I won't be here then.
The refuge is on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, so naturally I hoped to get some bird shots too. Last time I was there, I took loads of pictures of several Crested Caracara, but today I didn't find any.
I had heard the Scissor-tails were around Brownsville but hadn't found any yet. I saw a dozen or so today. Since it was late morning, the sun prevented me from capturing many good shots but oh, the fun of watching them. I so want to get a shot of them flying with those scissor tails open, but they are too fast for me. I'll keep trying.
The ducks saw me first, but I watched them fly away.
By the way, I saw at least 20 dump trucks running back and forth on Hwy 4. I assume they are hauling soil out to the new Space X launch site near Boca Chica Beach.

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