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Monday, March 14, 2016

A trip through Texas, New Mexico and Colorado

West Texas
Earlier this month, we made a quick trip from Brownsville, TX, to Loveland, CO - okay, it's in no way a quick trip! Even though we went to say goodbye to a favorite aunt, we found fascination in the trip along the way.

Traveling through Texas is an experience in land diversity. We passed through the beautiful hill country to the agricultural landscape of west Texas, to the mountain ranges and plateaus as we passed into New Mexico.

It was our first time to drive through Roswell, and yes, we saw a few little green Martians. The town knows how to capitalize on its claim to fame.
A Martian at Domino's

We drove through huge ranches in eastern New Mexico where we had the road to ourselves for many miles - occasionally we'd pass a pickup. Cacti and tumbleweeds. We reminisced about the old cowboy movies of our youth and pictured John Wayne, Glenn Ford and others chasing the bad guys through this barren landscape. The foothills and rocky terrain made a perfect setting.

Although we seemed to drive forever, we finally reached Trinidad, CO. We remembered it from years ago as a small town with little to do. It now has an old downtown with plenty of shops and restaurants.

We reached Loveland in the late afternoon and met our sons and grandson in Ft. Collins for dinner. Again, what we remembered as two small towns is now a continuous metropolis. We shared a delicious dinner at the CooperSmith's Pub in the Old Square.
View from the Stanley House
in Estes Par

After we said our goodbyes to our aunt, we celebrated her life by taking a ride into her beloved mountains. The Rockies mean home and family to us and our wish is to perpetuate that love and connection in our grandchildren.

Elk grazing in Rocky Mountain
National Park
Whenever you have the opportunity to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, you will be entranced by its magnificence. Beautiful in all seasons! Although the day was cool, the ice on Bear Lake spoke of cold.

We returned to have a dinner at Dunraven in Estes Park before saying goodbye to our cousins. The day gave us more precious memories to share before we headed back to Brownsville.

Rocky Mountain NP

Eastern Colorado and western Texas can seem endless but the fascination took over again when we discovered cotton fields. We had no idea that cotton grew in west Texas but we passed many fields, some interspersed with oil wells.

With three days driving each way, we arrived home tired but so thankful for the experiences we shared with family.

Well worth a mention, our trusty Honda Ridgeline passed the 200,000-mile mark on our way home. It still feels like it's new!

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