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Thursday, March 17, 2016

The National WASP Museum in Sweetwater, TX

The Women Air Service Pilots of WWII have long inspired admiration. In the last several years, I played a role in publishing two books about these fascinating women (Windshift by Joyce Faulkner and Someday I'll Fly by Rebecca Evans).

When we recently traveled through west Texas I eagerly anticipated a visit to the National WASP Museum in Sweetwater. We visited on a day the museum was closed but thanks to Carol Cain, the associate director, we had the opportunity to tour the facility.

Just seeing the planes they flew and realizing the courage it took to pull targets for soldier trainees enhanced my respect for their skill and nerves of steel. Although long denied the status they deserved, it was awesome to see a museum dedicated to their feats.

Target pulled behind planes

Located off I-20 west of Abilene, a stop at the museum is well worth your time. Take the time to browse through the personal histories of the women pilots and note the names of the thirty-eight who gave their lives during the war.

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