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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Friendship Bouquet

My friendship bouquet to Trish

Meeting old friends after many years is pure giggly fun! Years ago in Branson, Trish Warner McCall and I met for lunch about every week. We shared dreams, memories of painfully shy childhood experiences, our daily lives, faith and our writing journeys. We talked family, dogs, cats, photography, fitness, diet, and a myriad of other subjects.

We reminisced about her husband's illness and my grandson's accident. Jack was dying and four-year-old Ben was in a coma following a car accident. As Trish held Jack in his final moments, she told him to be sure to send Ben back to his Mommy and the rest of his family. The enormity of her love still brings tears to my eyes.

After her husband passed, she moved to Colorado, we moved to Texas, and we each pursued our writing careers. We've kept in touch through Facebook and made several attempts to get together but nothing worked out until her trip to Missouri this week.

Funny thing about old friends - you take up a conversation where you left off years ago. It seemed like another weekly lunch. Her first question was "How is Ben?"

She still dreams of owning a bookstore and has her next story plotted in her head and on paper. She has writing to do!

Trish has an active imagination that takes her down many roads and I love her stories. She writes from the viewpoint of trees and animals. She creates with heart.

During our very long lunch, we laughed and talked a hundred miles an hour. We made plans, hugged and left with smiles on our faces and in our hearts. Old friends are gifts to treasure forever!

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