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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tropical beauty in Branson, MO

Beauty, color, delicacy, flight and incredible strength - the gorgeous butterflies that populate The Butterfly Palace's rainforest. Imported from the tropics at the rate of more than 500 per week (in Chrysalis stage), the beautiful creatures have a lifespan of just a few weeks. A few species like the migrating monarchs may live up to seven or eight months.

We all know the beautiful colors that enchant us and we love to watch them flit and flutter. However, the strength required for these delicate creatures to migrate thousands of miles is simply amazing.
If you visit the aviary, try to make it for the 10:00am or 1:30pm releases when the butterflies are most active. We visited late in the afternoon and although we watched hundreds of butterflies fluttering about, the guide told us that it was the sluggish time of day.
Many of the butterflies were much larger than we normally see in this country. Although I tried to capture some beautiful blue species, I never got a good shot with their wings open wide.

Butterfly farms in the rainforests depend on facilities like the Butterfly Palace, which spends approximately $80,000 a year. This helps both the rainforest economy and preservation.
The Butterfly Palace provides a complete entertainment facility, with regular video presentations and a science center filled with tropical critters. Kids love the Emerald Mirror Maze and the Banyan Tree Adventure and adults love the gift shop. For more information, visit

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