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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wine, Food and the Katy Trail

A sampling of Les Bourgeois wines

Do you think of Mizzou (the University of Missouri) when someone mentions Columbia, MO? The town has much more to offer.

Just a short drive west of Columbia, the town of Rocheport is home to the Katy Trail State Park, Les Bourgeois Winery, antique shops, the Lewis and Clark Trail and a beautiful landscape. The tour through the working winery gave us a comprehensive overview of the wine-making process, including the differences in processing red and white wines.  We learned that the oak barrels used for aging the wine can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,500 each.

Oak barrels

Afterward we enjoyed a wine tasting. I found a white and a red that I really like. Then we drove past the vineyard to Les Bourgeois Bistro, where we ate a delicious lunch.

The bistro sets atop a bluff overlooking the Missouri River and offers a great view - inside and out.

Les Bourgeois Bistro
Following lunch, we visited the Katy Trail and learned about the old stone tunnel, Lewis and Clark, and the history of the trail. The blistering hot day kept us from spending much time on the trail but it's definitely on our agenda for a cooler day. We stopped to shop at a couple of fabulous antique shops in downtown Rocheport (about a block long).

Antique Store in Rocheport

Dinner took us to the Flat Branch Pub and Brewery in downtown Columbia, a hopping restaurant that was filled to capacity. Good food and great company.

Looking forward to another day in Columbia tomorrow.

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