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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Scout in Kansas City

The Scout overlooks Kansas City
Have you visited the Scout in Kansas City, Missouri?

Like the rest of the country, the city owes much of its heritage to the Native Americans. This statue, created in 1915 by Cyrus E. Dallin, depicts a Sioux Indian on horseback surveying the landscape. More than 10 feet tall, it stands on a bluff overlooking the city. I first saw it in the 1970s. I wish I'd taken pictures of the city then to compare to today.

Dallin first exhibited the statue (and won a gold medal) at the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Expo in San Francisco. A temporary exhibit in Kansas City created enough enthusiasm that local residents raised $15,000 to purchase it through "The Kids of Kansas City" campaign. The campaign raised the money through nickel and dime contributions.

The statue is located in Penn Valley Park between Southwest Trafficway and Broadway, just north of 31st. The Scout overlooks a fantastic view of the city.

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