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Monday, September 9, 2013

Missouri Outdoor Communicators Conference

Local boy enjoying the river
I spent this past weekend in Hannibal, MO, at the Missouri Outdoor Communicators Conference. It was a time of experiencing new things, networking with outdoor content creators and learning new skills. It was also an introduction to the many attractions in Hannibal.

Tom and Huck
Hannibal is best known as Mark Twain's town and a visit will bring back vivid memories of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Most of us grew up reading and re-reading their stories and dreaming of adventure.

We started the weekend with a guided fishing trip on Mark Twain Lake. My guide, Ken Erb, will probably pray for real fishermen after a morning with me. I had a great time and he survived!

In the late afternoon, we took a Mississippi River boat ride on the Mark Twain. It was a hot weekend and we appreciated every bit of breeze that blew our way.

Historic Downtown District
Lots of small shops fill restored buildings from the early and mid 1800s. Shopping is an adventure because the town is a cornucopia of early Americana.

Tom Sawyer & Becky Thatcher
From riverboats and wineries to baseball, there's plenty of history. Two caves offer spectacular formations and cool temperatures. Lots of good food and friendly folks. I'll introduce you to several residents in the next few posts.

Did I mention I met Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher? There's quite a story there too.

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