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Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm missing the south Texas coast and the cornucopia of photo ops it offers.

However, the sunshine lured me today after a week of rain. Although it's August and the Midwest is usually burned up and dry, the recent rains have greened everything. Wildflowers look fresh.

No deer nor foxes showed their faces but the moths and bees were enjoying the flowers.

Mid-day sun is not the best for taking photographs but the effort relaxed and motivated me. The only critter that showed his face was a squirrel and he stopped to pose for a shot. I had been on a little-used road, hadn't seen a car for 30 minutes but wouldn't you know, as soon as I focused on the little guy, four cars drove by. Bye-bye squirrel.

We didn't get the flooding, just about six or seven inches of rain over the week. Of course that means the grass needs mowing.

In the meantime, Mother Nature is gracing us with beauty and color.

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