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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Travel: do you "take time" or "make time?"

Marshall Court House

Traveling can be a chore or a delight. I’ve found that it depends on the traveler’s frame of mind. Too often we’ve traveled with a focus on making the best time from Point A to Point B. With our long and frequent trips from the southern tip of Texas to Kansas City, we’ve traveled I-35, measuring the miles and seeing cities from a freeway view.

This trip we decided to take time rather than make time. We traveled up US77 to US 59. We spent the night in Nacogdoches and enjoyed a leisurely and delicious dinner at the Jalapeno Tree. Today we stopped to photograph some beautiful buildings in Marshall and Jefferson, two old north Texas cities. We liked the homes, the brick streets, and the friendliness of the people we talked with.

Marshall has a downtown square with a dignified courthouse. A Confederate soldier statue stands in front looking out over the brick parking lot and street. The surrounding square is home to a number of restored buildings.

Jefferson is located on Big Cypress Bayou and is a cornucopia of antique
Big Cypress Bayou riverfront
Jefferson General Store

stores. If you enjoy riverfronts and yesteryear, you’ll love Jefferson.

Although I had to fight large splatty raindrops on my camera lens, I loved taking the pictures. I’ve always wanted to write a book about old courthouses and town squares. Maybe I’ll start…

Service "Filling" station

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