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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Things You Find

I've been cleaning my office and I'm amazed at the evidence of my work.

I've found photographs of Oral Stallings, a WWII veteran (3rd Army, 261st Division, under Patton) who lived in Branson until his death in 2008, and Evelyn Harless with the Arkansas MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association). I found notes from the book she is working on.

I found photos that Bill and Mary Hobbs sent me from the 2008 Branson Veterans Week. I remember visiting the WWII reenactment camp that year in the bitter cold. Brenda Meadows was scheduled to perform but I wimped out and missed her. I did see General MacArthur (Bill Hobbs) though.

Ari Van Ryn, a Korean War veteran and prisoner-of-war, served in the US Army before he received his citizenship. I have two photos: Ari in uniform in 1951, and Ari receiving the Korean War Medal in 2002.

I have photos from Rudy Rudolph that we used in writing his book.

Ari Van Ryn
Sherri Eberhart lost her battle with cancer but her beautiful spirit will forever remain in my heart. The picture I found shows Sherri with her mother, Judy Padilla.

I found three WWII books that have been sent to me and I still need to read them.

I found all my notes from my meetings with the American Merchant Marine Veterans. The coaster on my desk (which I do not use) tells the history of the Merchant Marines from their beginning on June 12, 1775, through present times.

Lt. Col. Ruby Bradley was the most decorated frontline Army Nurse in WWII and Korea. I found a copy of an article from Graybeards in 2000.

I sifted through materials and notes from Jefferson City and Lebanon, MO, both places I fell in love with. I have information on Gulf Shores but haven't had the good fortune to visit there yet.

After I bugged Mike Schoonveld with questions about shooting a victim in my latest mystery, I found my copy of The Writer's Guide to Firearms and Ammunitions.

I found stacks of books I still want to read. I'm having a great time and I've only cleaned one corner so far! I'm so fortunate that so many wonderful people have touched my life.

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