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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Writer's Perks

I realize that most careers offer their own perks but I can't imagine one that offers anything more exciting than being a writer and an amateur photographer.

Every morning, I awake to thoughts of the characters waiting for me. My fingers itch to get to my computer and bring them to life. I can enjoy the beautiful people and see that justice meets the not-so-beautiful. I can roll the good characteristics of my friends into one energizing person that I love getting to know.

I think every writer loves the fact that their characters take on a life of their own. It's the best reason to write a series because each book brings you closer to the characters.

But it's not only the characters. It's the weather and the surroundings. It would be difficult to write about  the fog if you've never walked or driven through some soupy days. It's windy in Texas and as I've learned about the history of the area, I find I want to write more in this setting that has been defined by its weather.

It's the events - the every day happenings. Most of us have gone to a restaurant and met someone who will definitely end up as a character in a book. Or maybe we hear bits of a conversation that brings a scene we're working on into better focus. Sometimes the event itself - an outdoor market or a visit to a library - dishes up plot and character ideas.

In any case, everything I do, see or hear has the potential to live again in my story. I love that.

I love expanding my horizons by talking to people at signings and other events. People possess an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. I enjoy the opportunity to hear about their lives.

Carrying my camera adds potential to everything I do and everywhere I visit. I can save an image to better remember it or I can save it for possible use in design - for a book, a FB page or my website.

The best advantage to carrying my camera is that it creates an awareness of my surroundings, whether it's nature's beauty or people living their lives. I often think of the times I spent hours running around doing errands and never took the time to notice the world around me. A camera offers not only a chance to capture a moment, but also the photographer's chance to notice that moment.

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