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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birds, Films and Presentations

I've spent this winter giving presentations and showing a film about John Bax, the subject of my latest biography, Emergence: The John Bax Story.

John, a self-taught filmmaker, captured incredible scenes of nesting birds throughout the Americas. People love the dancing grebes and many species of hummingbirds that he filmed. He had an incredible affinity for the tiny creatures and many times filmed himself feeding them. People are always amazed at the scenes where they fly into his trailer.

One of the joys of writing biographies is that each person finds his way into my heart and expands my view and knowledge of the world. John gave me an eye for beauty. I will never again look at birds without remembering and thanking him for that gift.

Incredible beauty in the natural world awaits us if we take the time to look. Through John, I met several of his photographer friends, each of whom enrich the world with their eye for beauty and skill with their cameras.

Tony Mercieca's photo graces the cover of the book. Thanks to Tony, Seth Patterson, Lee Zieger, Steve Sinclair, Sandesh Kadur, Madeleine Sandefur - all of you for showcasing the diversity and beauty of our world.

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