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Sunday, September 2, 2012

If you visit Asheville, NC, a trolley tour offers an excellent introduction to the city.

Mixing architecture with nature's beauty Asheville offers Southern charm, warmth and a welcoming attitude. Friendly people and good service everywhere filled our day with even more enjoyment.

Like most of the folks on the trolley tour, I saw Asheville through my camera lens. And like women everywhere, I bought a piece of jewelry to commemorate the day!

Asheville is surrounded by mountains and combines its Cherokee Indian and Appalachian history with diverse architecture and love of the arts. Our guide tossed out famous names like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald, Thomas Wolfe and Vanderbilt.

According to the National Park Service: There are nearly as many styles of architecture throughout the streets of Asheville as there are buildings. No doubt, Asheville was dubbed the "Paris of the South" in the early 1900s for establishing itself as an artisan city with unique style and architectural talents. Asheville has developed through a history of migration to the mountains of Western North Carolina.

All the photos below were taken from a moving trolley.

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