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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Moments that mold lives

Mike Sweeney and Ben Avery

Moments grasped amid the chaos of everyday living can change and mold us forever. Yesterday such a moment captured our family. 
Eight years ago this month, our grandson Ben suffered a critical brain trauma injury in a car accident. This event that defined our family and most certainly the everyday lives of his parents and brothers brought unexpected and deeply appreciated blessings from family, friends, neighbors and “angels” across our country who prayed for Ben, winged their love and positive energy our way and displayed God’s hand at work.

One such "angel" was MLB's Mike Sweeney, then playing for the Kansas City Royals. In a day when too many sports "heroes" have feet of clay, Mike Sweeney's reputation as a good, kind-hearted man doesn't make the news headlines.

For the true story of Mike's influence on a young boy and his family, read http://

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