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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sons and Mothers

Do other mothers have a hard time keeping up with their adult children? This one sure does.

My son Mark has always loved the KC Royals. He grew up playing in Little League and loving it. However, that paled in comparison to his love of all things Royals. George Brett, Amos Otis, Frank White, Willie Wilson, Paul Splittorff, John Mayberry - these were a few of the guys he loved to watch. As good parents do, we took him to games and attended his games. Life goes on.

Royals Scoreboard

Mark grew up, married and is the father of three boys - who also love baseball and the Royals. He takes his kids to baseball games and watches their Little League games. A couple of days ago I checked my Facebook. Surprise! Surprise! Our daughter-in-law Michele had posted pictures of Mark playing at Kauffman Stadium - in a Royals uniform. No, he didn't get signed. It was some special event. He played second base. I doubt the smile ever left his face.

After the game

I still don't know any details. I texted Mark and asked "What and Why." He answered back "It was awesome. I had an absolute ball." I still don't know the "What and Why."

What does a mother have to do to find out about things? I could have been there, taking pictures, yelling and screaming, a big smile on my face.

After all, I've always been the president of his fan club. Maybe thay's why!

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