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Friday, February 17, 2012

Writing Biographies

Life is both strange and marvelous. When I first wrote Ed Slater's story, I never thought about where to go from there. I loved writing a biography - the interviewing, sharing, researching and taking Ed into my life and my heart.

I find it strange that I've ended up in a place I never thought about going. I love writing and I am forever fascinated by the lives people lead and the decisions they make.

I find life marvelous because our actions always lead to other opportunities and actions. Since I met Ed, I've written about people - many of them veterans. Each person's story has expanded my awareness of the growth potential that is in all of us.

Yesterday I met with a 91-year-old WWII veteran in Harlingen, TX. He's a Marine and served in four major campaigns in the Pacific Theater including Guam and Iwo Jima. I will be working with this charming, articulate man to bring his story to life.

I thank Ed, the Sunchon Tunnel Massacre survivors, the Korean War, WWII and Vietnam veterans who have shared their stories with me. Thanks to Rudy Rudolph - we're currently working on his book - and John Bax who shared so much of his life with me before his passing last November.

I have realized there's always room in my heart for one more person. Each of the people I've interviewed and written about have become a part of me. That's the gift that writing gives.

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