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Friday, February 3, 2012

Parrots, John Bax and me

Green Parakeets
Over the last couple of years John Bax took me on several birding trips to Brownsville - to search for parrots. We saw hundreds of green parakeets every time but we never saw the parrots. I'd go home without a parrot photo. John would call a day or two later and tell me he found red-crowned or yellow-headed parrots. We'd try again the next evening. No luck.

Many members of the Bay Area Birders went "parroting" in Harlingen yesterday. I thought of John the entire trip and wished he were with us. However, like my trips with John, I saw no parrots - although some people in our group reported seeing them. Just the night before, our leader had seen many.

I'm beginning to wonder - are the parrots playing games with me? Is this destined to be a life-long search? Are there really parrots in the Rio Grande Valley? Is it me?

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