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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Writers Forum Jan 2012

Last night, Paragraphs on Padre Blvd hosted the January Writers Forum. The group is unique because we always have visitors. Winter Texans and vacationers bring new ideas each month.

To start the evening, the Sarah Book Publishing Company from Brownsville presented their publishing program, following by a critique session by attending writers. For all the writers out there, a bit of good news. A young man, Chris, shared his love of reading and his belief that many young people enjoy reading and love to have their own book collections. Good news, right? Chris certainly set a positive tone with his enthusiasm, intelligence and willingness to share.

Several new attendees shared their current projects. From young adult to romance and poetry, writers introduced us to several books in the making. As others commented on each story, I thought of the uniqueness of the reader as well as the writer. In one particular story, we each responded differently.

I realized that an author can never predict how a reader will respond to his work. Since each person responds from his own perspective and experiences, the author simply has to remain true to his story and hope his words and message touch readers.

We also spent time discussing publishing alternatives for new writers. All in all, lots of creativity energy led to a delightful evening.

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  1. Pat, I had a great time. Thought everything went well!