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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Write, Read, Write!

“I ponder things for a long time before I write about them,” Joyce told me. “You just write.”

I thought about that statement. She’s right. She ponders for years and produces incredibly deep and well-thought out characterizations to bring her ideas to life.
Me – I just write. My pondering takes place as my fingers move across the keyboard. I make changes, revise multiple times and sometimes throw it away and start over. Joyce thinks it through and starts with a plan. I play it by the seat of my pants. In fiction, I’m not sure what my character is going to do until I feel I’m in his brain and thinking his thoughts. I hear stories and can’t wait to get them in print.

Joyce and I write together and we write separately. As I started on today’s blog post, I thought about the uniqueness of writers – in the way we work as well as in what we write.
People often tell me they want to write but can’t get started. Whether it’s pondering, procrastination or just lack of motivation, it’s an issue that many face.

Are you writing every day? Did you make writing every day a New Year’s resolution? If you answered no to either question, it’s time to get out the wet noodle, slap your hand and get motivated.
The best cure for not writing is writing. I find that when I can’t get started, I just start. I pick any subject that comes to mind and hit the keyboard. If my mind is empty, I check out some blogs and, invariably, I’ll find something to ponder.

Pondering via the keyboard is a great way to get your mind working. Your thoughts might not make sense and you may do a 180-degree turn before you finish, but you’ll find some great material in your own thoughts.
If you don’t have a blog, start one. It’s a great tool to keep you writing and to connect you with others. I don’t know the measure of success in a blog but I’m not sure it matters. Focus on the writing and the readers will eventually find you.

In my I Write My World blog, I chose a format that allows me to blog about a variety of issues. Like most of us, I have varied interests. I love people and their stories, writing, travel, nature and photography. I blog about all of them.
Read other blogs and learn about other bloggers. Other writers can be your best supporters. They understand the writer’s need to be read.

Read, read, read. Reading a great story or blog post will inspire and motivate you. Write, write, write. You might produce a great story or blog post that inspires other.


  1. Pat,

    Love the comparison between the way you approach fiction and the way Joyce Faulkner approaches it. Me? I'm somewhere in the middle.

    Enjoyed reading about the different ways we writers approach our stories.

    Good job,


  2. Thanks, Kathy. Being in the middle is probably a good thing. Your writing is proof that you're in the right place!