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Monday, January 9, 2012

Stories, Stories Everywhere!

I'm immersed in stories! I can't keep up with all the wonderful opportunities to learn about people's lives and the challenges they've faced. I received an email from a Pearl Harbor survivor a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I was asked if I'd like to interview the man who flew the first US plane over Tokyo in WWII - guess what my answer was! I'm working on two biographies - John Bax and Rudy Rudolph, writing two resumes for job seekers and reading three books to review - with another arriving any day.

My head is spinning and I'm loving every minute of it! I hope you have as many irons in the fire in your life. As long as I don't get everything all jumbled up, it's working.

Can you imagine a resume that includes Pearl Harbor, a WWII vet listing of job qualifications or a misplaced mystery? Maybe I can have author Bob Doerr's retired AF Special Agent protagonist, Jim West, meeting the WWII pilot or the lady who grew up in Germany during WWII going on a birding trip with nature cinematographer John Bax.

Maybe I should hope for less-jumbled thoughts.

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