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Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun n Sun Book Club

I'm a reader and I love to talk with other readers. As the speaker at the Fun n Sun Book Club in Harlingen, TX, last Saturday, I enjoyed that opportunity. I loved sharing my books with them, answering questions about the people I write about, and talking about books.

I introduced the group to the fabulous ladies from the Sharon Rogers Band and told the story of the Sunchon Tunnel massacre survivors. John Bax, the subject of my current project, lived at Fun n Sun for a number of years. Many in the group knew him and went birding with him.

Glen Hindman said, "John was the Pied Piper of birders. We all followed him and learned from him."

John captivated a lot of people with his beautiful films and passion for his work. There's a lot of interest in his story. I heard new stories that I will include in the book.

An amazing thing happens every time I talk about the subjects of my books. I have the opportunity to re-live the time I spent with them and I fall in love with their stories all over again. Biographies allow the writer an intimate glimpse into another person's life. It's challenging and rewarding work. Through them, I always meet interesting people who, like me, are fascinated by good stories.

Thanks to a fun group of people at Fun n Sun. Marianna, thanks for inviting me. It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Happy reading!

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