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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Cover for Luke's New Book

I’m finishing one fun project. Luke the Detective Dog’s interviews will soon be available as an e-book, entitled Dogs Speak Out! How appropriate is that!

I’ve had a great time working on the cover because all those different dogs make me laugh. Who can resist the charm of a dog’s expressive face?

Luke has made many new friends. We both look at dogs differently when we’re searching for interview subjects. Well, I look at dogs differently. Luke simply bounces all over friendly dogs and growls appropriately if he thinks a dog looks mean. There have been a few stand-offs but Luke can’t keep the puppy enthusiasm tamped down for long.

We'll let you know when it's available.


  1. Dear Pat,

    Oh my gosh, Bubba's a cover boy!!! LOL!!! He's running circles around the yard. He realizes he is famous. He says to tell Luke he owes him a special treat!!


    Bubba's Mom

  2. To Bubba' Mom,

    Bubba and Luke will have to keep each other in line. It's hard to be famous, you know!