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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In Memory of John Bax

The world is a little duller today but heaven is brighter. John Bax, nature cinematographer, passed away today. The world will miss his creative gifts. Those of us who knew him will miss his charm, humility, love for nature and willingness to share his time and talent.

The birds and natural world will miss a true friend.

I'm writing his story but today I'll pause awhile. I'll do as I often do when I need inspiration. I'll watch one of his films and marvel at his special gift.

"John taught me so much. He was my inspiration and mentor," photographer Seth Patterson said.

"John has a sixth sense for finding birds, more than anybody I've ever seen," said Tony Mercieca, photographer and John's friend of many years.

"I'm the one who carried his tripod," Larry Lof, executive director of the Gorgas Science Foundation laughed when I asked if he accompanied John to El Cielo.

Photographers Steve Sinclair and Lee Zieger shared similar memories of John. It seems like just yesterday that we stood by his hospital bed and laughed at the stories of good times.

In his 86 years, John experienced poverty, hunger, Nazi occupation, new countries and a career as an international cinematographer. He searched for beauty in nature and when he found it, he shared it with the world. Born in Belgium, he immigrated to Canada. A Canadian citizen, he has been a permanent resident of the US for more than twenty years.

To Alice and his family, I offer my condolences and promise to finish John's story as soon as possible. Emergence: The Story of Nature Cinematographer John Bax will be a celebration of his life.

John, you will be missed but never forgotten. I hope there are beautiful hummingbirds in heaven.

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  1. Very sorry to hear of the passing of John Bax. I first met John back in the 1960's in Canada while working with him on some Audubon Wildlife Theatre TV Programs produced by Ralph C. Ellis here in Toronto, Ontario. Our collaboration on several films continued into the 1990's. His work always impressed me. I contributed as picture editor, additional camera, and sound editor. God Bless John. You have added much to our knowledge and appreciation of birds.
    Robert V. Bocking csc