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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

John Bax and Friends

John with his 16 mm camera
John Bax is a nature cinematographer who began his remarkable career in the late 1960s when he was in his early 40s. Today, in his 80s, John is a role model for younger photographers and cinematographers.

Yesterday I visited John in the hospital. He is critically ill. Two of John's photographer friends, Seth Patterson and Steve Sinclair, were there and shared their "John adventures."

I listened to stories of parrots, parakeets, screech owls, mangrove warblers, quail, barn owls and many other species. Seth talked about John's focus and determination in learning modern technology to the point where today he edits his own HD video.

Steve commented that he learned more about birds in 30 minutes of John's company than he could learn on his own in a year.

Both spoke of John's incredible gift to communicate with birds. Steve shared amazing stories where John called the birds and actually led a hummingbird into the kitchen.

Seth remarked that John pushed him to a higher level as a photographer.

The stories flowed and will definitely appear in the story of John's life. The book, Emergence: The Story of Cinematographer John Bax, will be available late Spring, 2012.

Love of nature filled the otherwise bland hospital room. Although John spoke only at intervals, his smiles and nods communicated volumes. It was an awesome experience for me to spend an evening in the company of such remarkable talent.

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