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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Blessed Day

Green palm trees still rattle in the wind in drought-stricken southern Texas. The Laguna Madre Bay’s blue waters glisten in the sun. Light rays kiss the highrises on South Padre Island and I am overwhelmed with the vivid colors of fall in the Rio Grande Valley.

I sit, iPad in hand, trying to paint a verbal picture of the stunning vista of the bay to the west and the Gulf of Mexico to the east. Life doesn’t get much better.
I stopped at Paragraphs Bookstore where Joni and Griff busily prepared for the opening tomorrow of the Border Book Festival in Brownsville. Best part of the visit, as I walked in the door, Griff sat reading my book, Murder Takes a Ride. A set up – sure, but I loved it.  Wish I'd had my camera!

Outdoors or in, there’s plenty to brighten my day.
I head home, across the causeway, as the afternoon settles into long shadows. A sailboat, three fishing boats and a sightseeing boat splash their own color against the intense blueness of the bay. The wind merely ruffles today instead of blowing, so the shallow bay waters radiate calm and serenity.

I catch glimpses of five Osprey starting their night-time hunt for food. Their white breasts and magnificent heads capture the last of the sun’s rays. One already has a fish in his talons.
I turn in my driveway and wish I’d stayed on the island for the sunset.

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