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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Luke Talks with Ophelia Avery

I'm Ophelia

1.      Describe yourself.

 I am a White Great Dane/Lab Mix.  I have great eyesight and a keen sense of smell because I am deaf.  My name is Ophelia but am called snorty, sneezy, yawnsey or goofy on occasion.

2.  What is your favorite activity?

 Sniffing, Snorting, Sneezing.  Anything involving my nose.

3.      What is your favorite inside smell?

 Bacon cooking or my food bowl being filled.

4.      What is your favorite outdoor smell?

 Other dogs.

5.      Do you have to do any silly tricks to please your humans?

 If so, what are they?  Laying down and rolling over--not necessarily in that order.  I also put up with my Dad who is constantly taking pictures of me.

6.      What kind of treats do you like?

 Milk bones.

7.      Do your humans share their food with you?

 Absolutely not. Although sometimes I get bacon leftovers in my bowl.  My humans are on a diet and have to watch their portions.

8.      What are your favorite toys?

 Any Bones and I do not like to share.

9.      What is your pet peeve? (Now where did that comefrom?)

 I am not allowed on the couch, but guest dogs are allowed because they are spoiled.

10.  Do you like other dogs?

 I am the "Will Rogers" of dogs.  Never met a dog I did not like.

11.  Do you like cats?

 Yes, but they do not understand that.

12.  Do you listen when your humans tell you to dosomething?

 No, because I am deaf, but I watch their goofy gestures.  I realize I have to play their game to get what I want.

13.  Do you have bad-hair days?

 Never had one.

14.  Tell me about your family members.

 I have two humans.  They think I am adorable but they have a lot of rules.  No furniture, Lay down before mealtime, and sitting before I enter or leave the house.

15.  Is there anything else you’d like to share?

 I am smarter than my humans--that is for sure.

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